3-point shot, the 21st Century Basketball?

The team who’s able to have a higher three-point shot percentage would most likely win the game.
In today’s context, when we mention the best 3-point shooter in the NBA, the first name that pops up is none other than Stephen Curry. Over the years, the game of basketball has evolved and the three-point shot became an important aspect of the game. Many games were decided because of a buzzer-beating three-point shot. One famous example was Damian Lillard’s back in the 2014 NBA Playoffs. The Portland Trail Blazers were up 3-2 in the series against the Houston Rockets but the Rockets were leading 98-96 in Game 6. With just 0.9 seconds remaining, Lillard received the pass and took a quick release three-point shot which prevented a Game 7. The Trail Blazers won the series and Game 6 by just 1 point.
The three-point line was first introduced in 1967. Let’s turn back time and look at the game winning three-point shot which Jarry Harkness took. The Indiana Pacers were trailing to the Dallas Chaparrals 118-116. With only one second left on the clock, Harkness threw the ball towards the rim from his own half. The ball hit the backboard and went in. The entire stadium erupted as they thought the Indiana Pacers had tied the game 118 apiece. The three-point rule was first implemented that same year, the players and fans were still not accustomed to the new rule. Little did the players and fans know that the Pacers had actually won the game 119-118 after the buzzer-beating shot from 92 feet away.

Basketball today revolves around the three-point shot. The team who’s able to have a higher three-point shot percentage would most likely win the game. In the 2018/2019 season, the Houston Rockets topped the table in both 3-point shots attempted and made per game. The Rockets averaged 45.1 3-point attempts per game, about 7 more attempts per game than the Milwaukee Bucks who is 2nd on the ranks. A team can take 50 three-point shots per game but what’s more important is the number of shots made out of that 50 shots taken. In that same season, the Rockets averaged 16.1 three-point shots made per game. That’s about 48 points per game just from shots from behind the arc. Crazy isn’t it?

Basketball has transcended so much ever since the Golden State Warriors started dominating the NBA. Their high number of three-point shots per game definitely made the NBA what it is today. Players are starting to work on their 3-point ability just to keep up in the current generation of basketball. Even big men who used to only dominate in the paint are starting to improve their 3-point shots. That’s how much the three-point shot is really changing the game. Watching a player shoot from downtown may be exciting but is basketball all about scoring 3-point shots?
Will the 3-point shot ruin the beautiful game of basketball?

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