3rd Placing Game between Novu Blaze Basketball and Team SBA Warriors.

Is the Mature and fast pacing Novu Blaze going to win? Or the young,furious and hustle Team SBA warriors going to win?

Clearly Novu Blaze has the advantage over the young SBA Warriors. In the previous meeting in the round robin, Novu Blaze triumph over them due to their in game experiences.

However it doesn’t seems like it during the 3rd placing game. SBA Warriors was like a different team, playing good defense leading to good plays on the other end of the court.

It was a neck to neck first 2 quarters. Novu Blaze trying their best not to have their own deficit been pulled away by SBA Warriors. Last 3 minutes into the game, Novu Blaze managed to calm themselves down and played better offense to have a 6 points lead into the half time.

Since then into 2nd half, SBA Warriors increase their defensive tempo to force Novu Blaze to take bad shots. Isaac Soh #17 SBA Warriors gave the team a lead in the 4th Quarter with his fastbreak layup. (53-52) His overall performance help to lift SBA Warriors. 

Novu Blaze felt lost and couldn’t manage the pressure given by SBA Warriors. It was a neck to neck game and eventually due to the lack of composure of Novu Blaze, SBA Warriors took the win.

End Score 65-54

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