A day in the life at the NBA Bubble

VIA JaVale McGee

As this is the first time the NBA had to make such huge changes, it is not only a new experience for the players and coaches, but also for all the fans around the world. Several NBA players have taken this opportunity to share their experience of what it is like playing basketball in the Bubble and what goes on in their day. 


For example, Javale McGee, from the Los Angeles Lakers, has been filming his “life” inside the bubble and he also shows us what an NBA player does and the protocols they have to follow during this period.


Javale McGee has been uploading his videos and “vlogs” on Youtube weekly to keep everybody updated with what is going on in the NBA. His first video was about him arriving at the Bubble with his team and bringing us through an experience of all the procedures and protocols being taken to run this NBA season smoothly.


Firstly, once all players arrived, they had to do several tests such as the “nose swab” and “mouth swab” test. These tests allow the specialists to identify whether or not anyone has the “coronavirus” and allows them to take any necessary actions immediately. The tests are taken regularly or even everyday to ensure no risks are taken as all the players are living in an isolated area. 


After the tests were taken, the team gathered for a meeting and were also shown where they would be training and staying. After all the administrative work and checking in were done, the players had to be in quarantine for at least 36 to 48 hours. This ensures all the players get used to the environment and get their rest as they had been travelling to make their way over.


After their quarantine, the players finally get to leave their rooms and carry on with their first training and shoot around on the courts. To ensure there is safety distancing at all times, players have allocated seats having about six feet apart from one another. This is also required during their actual games with sufficient space from one another.


As these players usually get interviews and reports to do several times a day, they are now doing it while using online platforms such as “Zoom” and “Skype”. This ensures the players do not come in contact or have any new people entering the Bubble as it is an isolated area which is restricted for anyone else.


A normal day in life would be the athletes waking up, getting their breakfast, attending any meetings or briefings and then they get to carry on with their training programmes and even weight lifting sessions. Many people get it wrong that the players are unable to access any other facilities and are only allowed to play basketball. However, the players still get to access gyms and equipment which they get to use everyday to be in the best shape possible.

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