ABL Reschedules Games in March. Looks at a Neutral Venue.

via ASEAN Basketball League

The ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) is one with the international community in combating the spread of COVID-19 and is adamant in following all the travel restrictions imposed by the governments of our member countries. As a result, the ABL is announcing the rescheduling of the following games.


The ABL continues to work with all the teams in finding the best solutions to still push through with the games in the most responsible manner possible. We are in constant communication regarding the newest updates on restrictions between all countries involved and are working hard in finding the common ground that would be beneficial and amenable to all ten teams.
As such, the league is now looking at the possibility of playing in a neutral venue where games could be held so as to have our teams play as many of their rescheduled games for a smoother continuation of the ABL’s 10th season.
We urge the public, including our dear ABL fans, to take all precautionary measures and protect their health.

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