Asean Basketball League Statement on its current status and situation.

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The ASEAN Basketball League Board have met and announces that the ABL Season 2019/2020 will be deemed concluded as there is no say way to complete the remaining  fixtures. This year would have been a milestone year for the ASEAN Basketball League, as it marked the 10th year. This decision is not an easy one and has not been made lightly. The overriding factor of the social responsibility, health and the well-being of all the stakeholders was at the forefront of the discussion. At all the times, the ASEAN Basketball League Board have been conscious of their charter, to provide a high-level regional basketball competition platform for teams to compete and athletes to showcase their skills, while entertaining fans in a safe and enjoyable manner.

During the initial stage of the COVID-19, the league took its first step by suspending all fixtures as of 13th March 2020. The league continued to explore a number of possible options to complete the 2019/2020 season, even with a shortened season in mind. As the COVID-19 turned into a pandemic, the nature of the league’s operation and fixtures have been severely impacted by the closure of boarders and activities in order to contain the virus. With that in mind, the league recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present significant challenges to the operation and safety of everyone, thus rendering completion of the league improbable. The league would be categorized as incomplete due to the nature of the league’s format with a playoff system, it would be impossible to determine a rightful champion.

ASEAN Basketball League would like to take this opportunity to thank all the clubs, valued commercial partners and the fans for their support and understanding across the last four months of uncertainty. ASEAN Basketball League are ever so grateful for the amazing support the league has had for the past ten years.

ASEAN Basketball League will now turn their efforts into planning for the next ASEAN Basketball League Season in 2021 and hope to make announcements on the 11th ASEAN Basketball League Season after completing consultations among the teams. They are determined to find a way forward and return to the courts bigger and better alongside all their teams, commercial partners and fans.

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