B Division Basketball 2019: ACS Barker triumph past Guang Yang for South Zone Champion.

ACS Barker's convincing win over Guang Yang Secondary School.

“Who eventually will end up with a championship in their bag? Team oriented Guang Yang or strong individual ACS Barker? ”

Guang Yang started off aggressively to make a statement. ACS Barker was sloppy in their defense as they couldn’t stop Guang Yang from making easy baskets. As ACS Barker realized they were down by 9 points in the first 4 minutes with a score of 15-8, they started to increase their defensive intensity and forced Guang Yang to make mistakes and turnovers. ACS Barker exploited their mistakes to get the lead. (19-22)
Guang Yang’s Big Man #39 (Gideon) displayed some strong moves in the post and drew a foul on ACS Barker, making 1 of 2 free throw shots. On the miss free throw, his teammate #39 somehow got past the defender and had an easy putback for 2 points. On the very next possession, Guang Yang #24 scored a 3 point basket to get the lead. (25-22) ACS Barker came out big on defense, getting a couple of good stops and had a good run. (27-34) Guang Yang ended off strong as they made a 10-2 point run to get a 1 point lead into the half. (37-36)
ACS Barker came out as a different team in the 2nd half as they were hustling for every ball and rebound, increasing their game tempo to get Guang Yang out of their comfort zone. Guang Yang tried to get back into the game, but nothing seemed to be working out for them. They started to lose concentration and focus as time was running out. Eventually, ACS Barker managed to get away with a win despite a bad start to win the game with a double-digit lead.
End score 56-71.

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