C Division Basketball 2019: Dunman dominating win over Catholic High for National Champion.

Dunman Secondary clinched the championship with a stellar win over Catholic High.

“Champion of the east up against the Champion of the north. Who will eventually get a win to become champion of the Nationals? ”

Dunman won the tipoff and got the first possession, but it was a scoreless first minute as both teams did not manage to score on their initial possessions. It was then Dunman who secured an offensive rebound and had the first score for the game by Dunman’s #7 (Jayson Tan) with a floater off the board. Catholic High on the next possession, were able to attack Dunman to even up the score with a layup. Very tightly contested defense from both teams only allowed contested shots or turnovers to be made. It was Dunman’s #7 (Jayson Tan) who scored 7 points and gave Dunman a lead over Catholic High. (10-5)
As Catholic High increased the tempo of their defense, they scored the first basket in the opening of the 2nd quarter. Catholic High’s #12 (Zhi Yi) scored a 3-point shot and narrowed the deficit. However, Dunman’s #10 (Jun Hao) hit a 3-point jumper and #7 (Jayson Tan) scored a free throw to further expand the lead. Catholic High took a timeout and regrouped themselves. After the timeout, Catholic High seemed to be a much different team as they had a run on their own to give them a lead. However it was not for long, only till Dunman tied it up with the effort of #10 (Jun Hao). He single-handedly scored 3 3-point baskets in that quarter. (24-24)
In the 3rd quarter, both teams were unable to convert points as they faced forced turnovers and traveling violations. Dunman scored all the last 4 points from the free-throw line due to their aggressive attack towards the basket. This put Catholic High in early foul trouble with 5 minutes on the clock. This gave Dunman an advantage as they slashed their way to the paint. Dunman’s #7 (Jayson Tan) sparked a 10-0 run behind his 6 points to end the quarter with a double-digit lead. (43-33)
In the final quarter, it was Dunman’s effort on both ends of the court to gain a demanding lead. Catholic High gave their best to reduce the deficit but it was futile. Dunman’s #7 (Jayson Tan) scoring, playing making, and defense were the key factors that carried Dunman Secondary to their National Championship.
End Score (68-43).

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