C Division Basketball 2019: NJC sweeps AMKSS in the second round.

NJC comes out victorious over AMKSS with an impressive win to move on further in the competition.

NJC started off the game with a more defensive mindset in which they played a man-to-man defense to trap AMKSS from making any offensive attempts. Mohammed Shah Jehan (NJC #23) did well on the offensive end for his team by dropping six points. AMKSS was struggling to put up points as NJC was playing very good defensively by closing the passing lanes and scoring lanes quickly. Eventually, AMKSS was able to get a fastbreak opportunity and got their first points of the game.

In the second quarter, both teams started turning over the ball more as the defense played by them both had started getting more intense. However, AMKSS finally got the lid out of the rim as they started to knock down shots. NJC on the other hand, continued their good scoring flow as they brought the lead to double-digits as they headed into halftime with a comfortable lead.

As NJC entered the second half, their motivation to win this game sparked further as they started playing with more hunger and grit. They crashed the boards on offense and defense and brought the lead further by converting their second chance opportunities. NJC also played amazing defense as they played a full-court man-to-man defense. This tight defense made AMKSS struggle on offense as they could barely pass the ball to one another. This made AMKSS commit many turnovers and NJC took this opportunity to score more points.

As the final quarter commenced, NJC continued the scoring spree as they kept attacking the basket over and over with open fastbreak opportunities and brought the lead up to thirty points. As AMKSS continued to miss baskets, NJC used that as an opportunity to get open fastbreak opportunities and scored each basket. This was bringing the lead further and further away as AMKSS started to realize it may be too late to get the game back. At the end of this one-sided game, NJC walked away with an astounding 61-15 scoring game with an amazing offense and even better defense played.

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