C Division Basketball 2019: SCGS storms past ESS with an impressive win to secure a spot in the Finals.

SCGS had a great performance in a match up against ESS to get a win to make their way to the Finals.

As the first quarter started, SCGS had the ball in their possession majority of the time and this led to them having a 7-0 run. However a turnover caused by SCGS finally led to ESS #8 scoring a basketball and ending the scoring streak that SCGS had. 

However, SCGS immediately started playing better defense and offence and did not allow ESS to make any more baskets or offensive plays. SCGS played a very tight man-to-man defense to counter attack any turnovers that ESS committed to their tight and aggressive defense.

Even Though ESS was behind by nine points, they continued to work hard and did not give up which led to them scoring the first basket in the second quarter. This mindset and motivation they had led them to score more points in the second quarter and playing better offense. However, they still did commit several turnovers which led to easy baskets for SCGS.

To ensure ESS does not score more points, SCGS played a full-court press defense which made it difficult for ESS to bring the ball across the court. Au Zexuan (SCGS #10) played a big part in the offense for SCGS as they soon started to get stagnant but she was able to turn that around quickly by scoring points from the outside.

As halftime commenced, SCGS had a good lead of 23-12.

Once the third quarter began, both teams started to score back to back points which made the game much closer. Despite the high intensity played by both teams, SCGS was still able to score 3 point shots and secure 19 points throughout the quarter while still playing intense defense to stop ESS. ESS soon seemed to be rattled by the tough defense played by SCGS as they were unable to score points.

The last quarter brought out the best abilities from both teams as ESS managed to break the tough defense played by SCGS and they knocked down shots too.  

However, Celeste Niam (SCGS #4) stacked up 20 points for her team. Both teams ended up scoring 14 points apiece but due to the better performance played from the first quarter by SCGS, they walked away with a brilliant win and made their way to the finals.

The final score was 56-31.

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