C Division Basketball 2019: Unity Secondary School defeats Mayflower Secondary in an intense matchup.

Unity Secondary comes out victorious after a back and forth game with Mayflower Secondary.

In the first quarter, Mayflower Secondary scored the first basket to get the game going over a turnover committed by Unity Secondary. Mayflower was playing great defense which caused Unity to suffer on the offensive end. However, Muhammed A’aqif (USS #11) took it upon himself to get Unity’s offensive game flowing and scored their first basket for them.

In the second quarter, both teams started to play with more aggression and intensity as Mayflower scored off the multiple turnovers and bad defense committed by Unity. Both teams were doing well on the rebounding ends as they were able to score many points off rebounds. 

This led to the match being tied many times as both teams were scoring points back to back. As Unity wanted to try and pull away from the game by getting a lead, it backfired for them as they started to rush passes and bad shot attempts which led to many turnovers. This gave Mayflower many chances to score off the turnovers.

As the Final quarter was coming to an end, Unity started to play very good defense which also led to better offense. This change in a performance led to Unity gaining an eight-point lead. As time was running out, Mayflower was desperate to get the ball in their hands. However Unity played smart, they started to pass the ball more around the perimeter. This smart tactic soon allowed the clock to run out and Unity walked away with a win.

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