C Division Girls Basketball 2019: North Vista makes their way to the finals after an astounding win over ChristChurch.

North Vista defeats Christ Church in a tough fight to move onto the Finals to battle their next opponent.

In the first quarter, NVSS played stellar defense as they played a half-court press against CCS ensuring they forced turnovers and misplays out of them and converted them into points. NVSS even played a tight man-to-man defense up till the frontcourt to further force CCS to turnover the ball so that they can get easy points to pull away with a lead.

Moving into the second quarter CCS tried to remain calm and composed after a bad first quarter giving NVSS a lead of 8-4. The roles had switched as of now, CCS started to steal and force bad passes out of NVSS and turned them into easy points which soon turned the second quarter into a tightly contested match.

After halftime, NVSS came back way more aggressively and determined to pull the game away from CCS. They played excellent defense and also improved their offense as they took back each possession that CCS turned into points off their bad performance in the second quarter. The aggressive offense and defense played by NVSS gave them a huge lead of 32-19 and clearly shook CCS.

However, CCS was still determined to have a strong comeback. They started grabbing every offensive and defensive rebound which gave them several offensive opportunities which Iffa (CSS #5), converted into points. This quarter had many possession changes as both teams started playing excellent defense by stealing and intercepting one another’s passes and rebounds. The game started to get more intense as both teams picked up their intensity and aggression.

However, the point gap that NVSS had created in the first few quarters seemed too far to catch up by CSS. NVSS ended up securing a well-deserved win to move onto the finals.


The end score was 45-25.

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