FIBA Revamps Basketball Restart Guidelines

FIBA Revamps Basketball Restart Guidelines

Photo Credits : FIBA

As basketball activities and competitions are gradually returning around the world and with the situation relating to COVID-19 continues to evolve, FIBA has made an update to its Restart Guidelines.


The FIBA COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group (MAG) has been regularly reviewing the latest scientific knowledge as well as all the information including know-how, best practices and challenges in the context of the return to basketball, that have been provided by those National Federations and leagues which have resumed their basketball activities and competitions.


“As the restrictions put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19 continue to change around the world, we have witnessed some of our member federations and their leagues implement a safe and successful return to basketball in the past few months at the national level,” said FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis in the official release.


“FIBA considers the well-being as well as the mental and physical health of all involved in our sport to be of paramount importance. We are thankful to the experts from the WHO, the NBA and the National Federations and leagues involved in this important work.”


The updated second edition of the Restart Guidelines looks to further assist National Federations and leagues to plan safe restarts and be able to resume to both basketball and 3×3 competitions. Visit the FIBA website for complete details.

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