How have NBA players been keeping fit during quarantine?

Professional athletes are doing whatever they can to stay fit and workout in the comfort of their homes!
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Due to the recent pandemic and quarantine “stay home” measures, everybody has no choice but to be home and do not have the opportunity to visit gyms and training facilities to work out and keep fit.


Many NBA players have kept a positive mindset about this situation and used this “stay home” period to train and keep fit in other ways off the court. From weight training in home gyms to core workouts using only resistance bands, to even agility and speed training in sandpits and swimming pools! NBA players have been trying to be creative with their workouts so that there is still an element of fun to kill time by staying home all day long!


The fact that these professional athletes are doing whatever they can to stay fit and workout in the comfort of their homes shows everyone that all of us can put in the work to stay fit! Players like Lebron James, Lonzo Ball and even Chris Paul have been posting workouts on social media to allow others to follow them and stay fit while being home.

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Weight / Strength workouts


Usually, NBA players use their Off-season period to get bigger and stronger to play at a higher level. However, this long period of being quarantined has allowed NBA players to work on their physicality by getting bigger and stronger!


Many NBA players like Lonzo Ball, Jimmy Butler, Lebron James, and many more, have been doing a lot of weight training such as bench press, barbell squats, dumbbell lateral flys, and overhead press workouts. These workouts especially exercise such as, “compound” movements allow these athletes to become stronger and bigger as they are using weights and doing these workouts consistently.


The benefits of doing weight and strength training are that firstly, you tend to become stronger and bigger than before which allows you to have an edge over everyone else who you are competing against. Secondly, it is a good way to strengthen and condition your muscles especially if you have just recovered from an injury and are looking at getting your muscles stronger. Strengthening and conditioning your body is very important as for these NBA players, they are going against the best players in the world every day. Being at the top of their game strength and physicality wise is of utmost importance!


via Lebron James Instagram @kingjames

Core strength and conditioning workouts

Core strength is very important in many sports just like basketball as it allows you to reduce and prevent any injury ratio in a collision or high impact situation during a game. Core strength also helps basketball players as it allows you to have good control of your body by staying balanced at all times especially when performing a hard drive towards the basket to gather the contact that is incoming.

Core strength can be trained and strengthened in many ways such as using weights, resistance bands, or even absolutely nothing but just your own bodyweight! 

Lebron James has posted several videos of him strengthening and conditioning his core strength by only doing band workouts. These band workouts are very beneficial for your core as they allow you to tone and fully attack your core without adding any additional weight or stress onto your joints. Band core workouts also tone and strengthen your arms as seen in the picture above, Lebron James is doing a band core workout that keeps his core tight and engaged while also strengthening his glutes and hamstrings by being in an athletic squat position.

Agility and conditioning workout

Russel Westbrook was also seen posting videos of himself doing core workouts such as the hanging leg raises performed in a pull-up style workout. This workout is very beneficial for the core while also engaging your arms and legs as you are using your arms to hang onto the bar while using all your body weight and core strength to keep your abdominal area engaged and tight to lift up your legs. 

Russel Westbrook also did other core workouts like getting in a plank position while resting his feet on a gym ball. As he moves his feet to bring the ball closer to him and back, his core is engaged and strengthened as he has to control his body using his core strength to not fall over. These two workouts are very beneficial bodyweight workouts that anybody can do!

Agility in basketball is very important as it defines your ability to accelerate and decelerate at any given point during a match and even defines how fast you are able to change your movements and directions in a short period of time.

Russell Westbrook is well known for his explosive and fast gameplay. As seen in the picture above, Russell works very hard to maintain and improve his agility level by doing various workouts. For example, he does acceleration and deceleration drills in the sandpit. By running on sand, it makes you slow down a lot as your feet start to sink into the sand, allowing you to be pulled down by the weight of the sand. By going against the force of weight pulling you down, while running and doing agility drills at top speed, allow you to be way faster on the normal ground!

A typical drill to do on a sandpit would be to sprint forward and suddenly make a change of direction and start back paddling backward. These actions can be repeated multiple times to work and train on your reaction time as well as your agility to be able to change your speed and sense of direction quickly. 

Doing agility and reaction drills on a sandpit have many benefits, mainly improving speed as running on sand requires 1.6 times more energy than a normal person uses to run on the normal ground! This just proves that your stamina, speed, and agility will have seen a huge improvement as your train on sand consistently!

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