IVP Basketball 2019: NTU’S dominating win over the underdogs SIM to clinch a spot in the IVP Finals.

NTU came out as the better team over a hard-fought win over SIM the Semi-Finals.

“Skill against skill, strength against strength. Who will come out stronger to move on to battle for the championship in the IVP Finals?”

Both teams had an even scoreline in the first quarter as they were scoring back-to-back baskets by executing their set-plays and offensive tactics. Gary Yeo ( SIM #14 ) had a chance to execute a phenomenal 4-point play as he was fouled at the three point line by making the basket but ended up missing the free throw shot after. Nonetheless, he continued to score the next basket for SIM as well. These few plays allowed him to lead SIM in scoring by having 7 points to himself out of the 13 points scored by SIM. The quarter ended with a tight scoreline of 16-13 as SIM did not allow NTU to have much room to breathe.

In the second quarter, NTU was able to pull away the lead as they started being more aggressive on the offensive end. Liau Ming Shun ( NTU #11 ) played a big part in the lead difference as he had an and-one play and was even able to knock down a jumpshot in the next consecutive play. Liau Ming Shun was able to keep his hot hand alive in the offensive end by dropping an astounding game high 18 points. NTU also ensured to improve their defense as they started to be more aggressive and hardworking. This led to SIM struggling on the offensive end as they were not knocking down shots and missed most of their attempts. With NTU’s better performance in the second quarter, they pulled the lead away with a scoreline of 34-26 to end off the first half.

In the third quarter, things started to change as NTU had entered foul trouble and SIM took advantage of this. NTU had also committed several turnovers and bad plays such as sloppy inbound passes and rebounding. This allowed SIM to capitalize on their offensive end and cut the lead to 7 points as they ended the quarter falling back closely behind NTU with a scoreline of 49-42.

As the last quarter commenced, both teams were evenly 

matched up. However, NTU was able to go on an impressive 10-4 run causing SIM to call a timeout to regroup and change their gameplays. However, nothing much changed after the timeout as NTU continued to stay aggressive on the defensive end causing SIM to be stagnant in their offense. As NTU continued to play stellar defense and also execute on the offensive end, the lead grew further apart and NTU secured a outstanding win with a scoreline of 74-57.

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