IVP Basketball 2019: SIM’s hard fought win over TP for third place in the IVP Championships.

SIM narrowly slipped past TP for a win in a tough battle for the third place.

“Two highly skilled teams go to war, as they battle it out to see who comes out superior to clinch the third placing in the IVP Championship.”

As the first quarter got started, SIM was on a good flow on offense as Devin Tan (SIM #0) dropped a 3 point shot and following after, an offensive putback by Liang Rong (SIM #9) after a miss. However even though TP started off slow, they came up with an outstanding 14-0 run by knocking down several 3 point shots. SIM continued to show that they will not be overlooked and tied the game with a run of their own at 14-14. Right as the first quarter was about to end, Sherman Seet (TP #11) drew a foul and made 1 out of 2 free throw shots to give TP a 1 point lead at the end of the first quarter.

SIM did not back down and continued to stay on a good flow on offense to bring carry over the lead in their favor. SIM also started playing aggressive and tough defense which made TP stunned as they did not have an answer for the tough defense played by SIM and remained stagnant on offense. Sherman Soh (SIM #2) dropped a 3 point shot together with Zi Jie (SIM #10) who had an and-one play bringing the lead up to a scoreline of 22-18. Further baskets were made by both teams however, SIM still had a 6 point lead to end the second quarter off with a scoreline of 36-30.

After a shaky performance in the first half, TP came out strong in the third quarter with a 11-0 run and regained the lead of 41-36. Jordan lee (TP #23) dropped 5 out of the 11 points with a 3 point shot and a jump shot. However SIM did not allow TP to enjoy much as they came back with their very own 17-6 run to gain the lead back with a score of 53-47. Xing Yuan (SIM #17) was having the hot hand as he dropped 9 out of the 17 points scored by SIM. Further baskets were made by both teams. TP started to use a full-court man-to-man pressure which allowed them to capitalize off the turnovers made by SIM.

With only 30 seconds left to play, TP was down by 6 points. However, Sherman Seet (TP #11) was fouled at the 3 point line and had 3 free throw attempts. He only managed to score one out of the three attempts to bring the scoreline to 65-60. An unsportsmanlike foul was committed by TP giving SIM a free throw to end the game with a secured win for third place with a scoreline of 67-60.

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