IVP Basketball 2020: SP close win over TP for a 3rd placing medal.

SP survived through the storm by TP to win IVP 3rd placing.
via Kenneth Chua Photograhy

“Both teams are well known for their sharp shooting from behind the arc. Who will eventually step up and produce big defensive stops and get away for a bronze medal? ”

Temasek Polytechnic (TP) started off strong after scoring the first two baskets of the game. #45 Siming drained a three pointer early in the game to put TP 5-0 up. Singapore Polytechnic (SP) took a while to get on the scoresheet but managed to score 3 straight baskets. A euro-step layup by #24 Dillion gave SP the lead. A sloppy pass from TP’s #23 Jordan was stolen by #10 Dillion who converted the easy fastbreak layup. Turnovers were a huge problem for TP as they struggled to get on the scoresheet while SP were converting their shots off their set-plays. #24 Dillion found #10 Dion under the rim for the easy 2 to extend the lead. (15-24)

#10 Dion dished out the ball to a wide-open teammate under the rim after a hard drive towards the basket and brought the lead to double digits. TP were still struggling to get on the scoresheet after missed attempts from behind the arc. Halfway through the second quarter, SP had the biggest lead of the game after a put back basket. They were up 15 points. TP’s turnovers were still haunting them as they went scoreless for over 2 minutes. #4 Christian of TP made a jumper from the elbow after a lucky bounce off the rim to end the dry spell. He immediately hit a 3 pointer to cut the lead to 10 points. TP were looking to reduce the deficit to single digits but SP’s #5 Yong An scored a 3 pointer to pull away. #4 Christian found #45 Siming who was wide open for the 3-point shot but it fell short. SP gathered the defensive rebound and #10 led the fast break and made the lay-up. However, it was ruled out after a travelling violation was called on #10 Dion. SP led at the half 42-28.

TP started off the third quarter strong with back to back baskets. #4 Christian found #2 Dinesh with a no-look pass who finished strong and made the and-1 basket. He completed the 3 point play and TP were inching closer to tie the game. #4 Christian beat his defender easily with a jab step and finished at the rim with a left-handed layup. TP’s bench were getting livelier as they made their third consecutive basket but were silenced immediately after #24 Dillion dropped a contested 3 point shot. Both teams were exchanging baskets and #4 Christian dropped another one from behind the arc. #14 Raymond of TP hit the final 3 point shot to bring TP just 5 points behind at the end of the third quarter.

TP were in search of a comeback in the final quarter of the game. #2 Dinesh of TP was fouled but still managed to score the lay-up. He made the free-throw and this was his second 3 point play of the game. With about a minute left in the quarter, both teams were making their shots and SP were still leading by 5 points. #34 of SP gathered his own rebound after a missed free-throw and was fouled again. After grabbing the defensive rebound, #45 Siming dribbled up the court and scored a 3 point shot. TP were trailing by 3 points with 3 seconds left in regulation time and were forced to foul intentionally. However, #10 Dion made the first free-throw and sealed the victory for SP.

Final score 81-77

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