Kuala Lumpur Dragons come up victorious against the hardworking Formosa Dreamers.

Amir Bell hit the game winning shot with 2.5 secs to go!
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Kuala Lumpur Dragons fought hard against the resilient Formosa Dreamers in an intense match up as both teams were not going to give up without going down with a fight. However, the five-star player, Amir Bell, stepped up to the plate during crunch time to take the win by scoring the game-winning basket.


Right off the tipped ball, Formosa Dreamers came out strong and resilient as they were able to knock down their open looks and shots early in the quarter. They were feeling the offensive flow as they turned all of Kuala Lumpur’s turnovers into points to give them a 14-3 run. Cade Davis, the lethal shooter was heating up as he knocked down several three-point shots to cut the lead to help the Kuala Lumpur Dragons stay alive in the game. However, Formosa Dreamers were not letting the Dragons have it easy as they ended up pulling the lead with a scoreline of 27-16 after the first quarter.


As the second quarter commenced, the duo from Formosa Dreamers, Anthony Tucker, and Jet Chang took on the offensive role as they came out ready to kill. Jet Chang knocked down not one, not two, but three shots within the first five minutes into the quarter. It was obvious that the offensive flow of the game was going towards the Dreamers’ side. 


On the other hand from Kuala Lumpur Dragons, both the key scorers Davis and Amir Bell got into early foul trouble. This did not allow them to stay aggressive on defense as they could not risk getting any more fouls. The Dreamers’ took advantage of this and saw Jerran Young throw down a thunderous dunk to end the quarter by giving them a huge lead of 50-33.


At the start of the third quarter, Tucker dropped a three-pointer to extend the lead to 20 points. The Dreamers were playing an extremely fast-paced game as they dropped 15 points with just fast break opportunities. 


This fast-paced game was rather tough for the Dragons to keep up to. However, the big man William Artino dominated the paint down low in the last four minutes of the quarter with a 14-4 run by himself to keep the Dragon’s in the game. All of a sudden, the Dragon’s caught fire as Ting Chun Hong and several other points from the team cut the huge lead to only two points to end the quarter.


The powerhouse Artino did not stop causing damage down low as he scored a tough and-1 basket to give the Dragon’s their very first lead of the game with a scoreline of 64-62. The Dreamers’ were not losing hope at all as Chang hit a quick three point shot to give the lead back to the Dreamers’. This game turned into a back-and-forth game as they were trading baskets with consecutive back to back plays.


The game clock was running down to only having less than thirty seconds left to play. Tucker came up clutch as he hit the trey ball to give the Dreamers’ a very slim lead of only one point. However, the best play of the game was scored by the one and only, Amir Bell as he took it upon himself to win the game with a go-ahead basket! The bench went wild as this game was a fight to the death as both teams were not giving up at all.


The game was led by Davis and Artino, as they both had finished with 22 points while the Dragons had four players who were able to score in double figures, including 17 from Bell and 11 from the veteran player Shee Fai Loh. 16 points of Artino’s team-high 22 points came in the second half as he dominated the game.

Jerran Young led the Dreamers, ending with a game-high 25 points to go alongside with his brilliant 12 rebounds, while Tucker dropped 24 points, which included seven 3-pointers.


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