Nationals B Division Basketball 2019: Dunman tough fight against Unity for 3rd placing with double OT

Dunman barely squeezed past Unity in the double-overtime bronze medal game.

“Will the powerhouse Unity disappoint Dunman for 3rd placing? Or will Dunman show their determination to get 3rd place in nationals?”

Clearly Unity had an advantage in terms of player matchups as Dunman was having a tough time containing Unity. The first 3 minutes into the game and Dunman had a couple of mistakes and allowed Unity to have an 8-2 run. Great pressure by Unity allowed them to have a lead heading into the 2nd quarter. (16-9)
Unity continued with their game plan and increased the defense tempo to force Dunman to make bad passes and take only tough shots. At the halfway mark, Unity was up by 13 points. Last 2 minutes into the quarter, Dunman showed some aggression and managed to reduce the point deficit to 6 points with some hard drives towards the basket. (31-25)
Dunman started off the 3rd quarter with a steal and a fastbreak followed by a 3 point shot to make it a 1 point game within the 1st minute. Unity answered back with a 10-0 run and did not allow the lead to slip out of their hands. Dunman faced difficulties handling Unity’s Full Court Man pressure. (45-34)
Unity seemed to get rather complacent as they committed silly turnovers and bad passing. Dunman had a few good runs to eventually close up the scoring gap to as close to 2 points in the last 2 minutes. Momentum clearly had shifted over to Dunman, the attacking tempo of Dunman forced a timeout for Unity.
Dunman’s #6 hit a clutch 3 point shot to even up the score at 55-55 with 50 seconds on the clock. Unity hit a long-range 2 point shot before the shot clock expired, this gave them a 2 point lead with 33 seconds on the clock. Despite the tight defense played by Unity, Dunman’s #7 hit a jumper over 2 defenders and tied the game at 57-57. Unity had a chance to win the game but they turned over the ball to Dunman. Dunman stole it and went for quick attack as time was running out, Dunman’s #11 managed to draw a foul and went to the freethrow line. It was a nerve-wracking moment for Dunman as they needed to score just 1 basket to win the game, however, he missed both free throws and the game went into overtime.
As both teams went into overtime, Unity made a run out of Dunman’s missed shots. (7-0) However, it was not good enough to close out the game as Dunman was putting up a good fight to tie it up. With 10 seconds on the clock, possession in the hands of Dunman, they couldn’t convert the open shot. Hence both teams went on for the 2nd overtime. (64-64)
It was Dunman who eventually outlasted the tough battle despite the crucial steal by Unity at the very last seconds. This game could go into the 3rd overtime as Unity made a bad decision after the steal. Congratulations to Dunman for overcoming a tough start to win 3rd place in the Nationals B Division 2019.
End Score 70-72

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