NBA announces innovative format for Draft Combine 2020.


The NBA declared today that NBA Draft Combine 2020 has been reformatted to be directed both in NBA group markets and basically, occurring in stages starting Sept. 28 and proceeding through right on time to mid-November. The reconsidered Combine will keep on furnishing NBA groups with player assessment openings during the continuous COVID-19 pandemic. 

“NBA Draft Combine is a fundamental aspect of the pre-draft assessment measure,” said Byron Spruell, President, NBA League Operations. “While the conditions encompassing this Combine are exceptional, we’re eager to imaginatively convey an important encounter for our groups, who have stayed adaptable through the cycle, and for imminent draftees who are simply starting their NBA ventures.” 

NBA Draft Combine 2020 will offer players the chance to partake allied and group interviews, both directed through videoconference from Sept. 28 through Oct. 16. Players will likewise partake in a person on-court program comprising of solidarity and readiness testing, anthropometric estimations, shooting drills and a “Professional Day” video, all directed in October at the NBA group office closest to a player’s home or between time habitation. Clinical testing and assessments will be performed by NBA-partnered doctors in a similar market. 

As a feature of the occasion’s inventive configuration, the NBA will consolidate HomeCourt, a versatile basketball preparing application  that uses advanced machine learning and computer vision, to provide analytics and record the shooting evaluation portion of NBA Combine 2020 and for players to create a unique “Pro Day” video. The video, used to exhibit a player’s aptitudes, may highlight just the individual player (and either a mentor or coach) and can be as long as 45 minutes in length. HomeCourt is created by NEX Team, Inc., a NBA strategic partner. 

Moreover, the NBA has extended its utilization of “Join HQ,” an online apparatus created by Fusion Sport in its product stage Smartabase. An intuitive online stage, Combine HQ furnishes NBA groups with an all in one resource for exploring data accumulated during the on-court parts of the current year’s Combine. Utilizing Combine HQ, NBA groups and scouts will have the option to contrast partaking players with their friends, past Combine members and current NBA players, and view nitty gritty shot graphs and insights. 

NBA Draft 2020 introduced by State Farm is planned to happen on Wednesday, Nov. 18 and will air on ESPN. The date stays subject to change as conditions warrant.


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1. Anthony Edwards | Minnesota Timberwolves

Georgia | Position: G | Height: 6-5
Status: Freshman


Athletic scorer has the ability and explosiveness to score in transition or as a spot-up shooter; should contribute immediately and eventually become a franchise-changing star


Edwards is a dynamic scorer who is at his best taking the ball to the paint and using his power and explosive athleticism to score the ball over length. He can hit the step-back jumper, has smooth three point range and is a threat to score every time he touches the ball.



Edwards’ jumper is a thing of beauty. He’s got a quick trigger with a compact, elbow-in release and he’s become a lethal shooter from beyond the arc. He’s excellent at shooting off the dribble and creating his own space, rising up off the bounce in one smooth motion. He’s got a perfect flick of the wrist and nice follow through.



Edwards is a true power guard who plays like a bigger version of Victor Oladipo. He’s simply too much for 1 defender to handle and can get his shot at will. His explosive power and effortless elevation are a thing of beauty. And when he dunks the ball it looks like he could rip the rim off the backboard. We haven’t seen a power guard like this in a while.



He’s put on at least 30 pounds from his HS junior season and now has the frame to hold his own in the paint and guard the small forward position.



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2. LaMelo Ball | Golden State Warriors

Illawarra Hawks (NBL)| Position: G | Height: 6-7
Status: International

Ball is an advanced ball-handler who possesses a strong left and the ability to take it into the lane with either hand. He is fast and crafty with the dribble and has a quick crossover and a lot of shake n bake moves to get past his man.

He can handle against pressure and has a quick change of direction to shake free. He does a nice job of drawing the defense and dropping it off to a teammate in the paint or kicking it out for a three. He can make the one hand pass off a live dribble and really has a special feel for finding the open man.

LaMelo has deep range on his jumper and although his his shot isn’t falling at a good rate it’s enough to keep the defense honest so that he can capitalize on his dribble-drive game and play-making skills. His shot is a bit funky but I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a really good 3pt shooter over the next few years.

Ball can get his own shot in a variety of ways. He pulls up for deep threes before the defense can step out to guard him and he can hit on a variety of runners and floaters in the mid range. Now that he’s grown to at least 6-7 his ability to score in the lane is much improved.

Ball plays with oversized confidence and swagger, which rubs off on his teammates.

More than anything else it’s his court vision and uncanny feel for the game that makes him a high level prospect.

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3. James Wiseman | Charlotte Hornets

Memphis | Position: C | Height: 7-1
Status: Freshman

Wiseman has a great frame with long arms and excellent agility. He runs the floor well and is a high level athlete, not just a big body. He can play in areas above the rim that most players can’t reach.


His post up and mid range game are on point and he knows how to get to his spot and body up against the defender to create space. He shows quick moves in the lane and a soft touch around the basket. He’s a ferocious dunker who can really explode off the floor and play way above the rim. He’s also got a sweet left-hand baby hook shot, which he shoots with great height and accuracy.


He has a nice shooting stroke and shows a lot of promise as a mid range scorer, with potential to expand his range out to three. He’s got the skills of a true post player but is also highly skilled from the perimeter. He’s a talented passer in half court sets and also a great outlet passer after defensive rebounds.


Wiseman is a force on the defensive end, where he alters and blocks a lot of shots, showing good timing, quick elevation and good shot blocking instincts. His awareness on the defensive end is something that can’t be taught and Wiseman projects as a legit rim protector at the college and NBA levels. He also does a nice job of altering perimeter shots and has enough foot-speed to bother guards beyond the three point line.


He has size, length and instincts that you can’t teach and a chance to be special.

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