New Chinese Taipei Pro League,P.LEAGUE+


Blackie Chen, A Taiwan renowned celebrity in the basketball scene,as well as the founder of the P.League+ formally announced Taiwan’s new professional basketball league in a media conference.


Aptly named P.LEAGUE+, whereby he shared that the letter P stands for People, Player, Passion, Professional, and Plus.


The Formosa Dreamers, Taipei Fubon Braves, Pauian Archiland and new team from Hsinchu City,Hsinchu Lioneers will be allowed to hire two imports without any height restriction.

However, a salary cap of 30,000 US Dollars will be placed and only one import will be allowed on the court during the final quarter of games.

Taking a page from the NBA, they will also implement 12-minute quarters and allow six personal fouls for each player. All four teams will play 24 regular season games before entering the playoffs.

“We will be taking it step by step, and I’m hoping our league can be one of the impactful ones in Asia,” shared Chen.

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