NYSI Basketball: NTU close win over TP to secure a spot in Semi-Finals.

NTU 4 points win over TP to earn a spot in Semis.
via Merlissa Kee/Locker Room

“Will TP make a strong statement to defend their home court and go through for a semi-final spot? Or experience NTU will withstand the firing power of TP and take a win? ”

NTU went off to a good start, scored from the post after winning the tipoff. TP does not seems to be to backing off as they answer 2 consecutive baskets get themselves ahead.Things started going south for TP, their bad passing and handling of the ball lead to massive turnovers in favor of NTU. NTU took advantages and went a scoring streak to have a 9 point lead into 2nd quarter. (19-10)

2nd Quarter was closely contested as TP was eager to tied up the score to amend their mistakes from the previous quarter. A one point of time, NTU #13 Sparked the offense with his 2 important baskets that contributed 5 points in the 7-0 run. Despite playing better from the previous quarter, TP was still down with 9 points deficit. (22-31)

NTU started to get sloppy when TP increase their defense tempo, making unwanted turnovers. TP went on with their mistakes and make a good run of it with TP #7 scoring 6 points from the 8-0. With this run, TP had a 2 points lead over NTU. NTU went on a scoring drought as they scored only 6 points in the quarter. Thus TP had a 5 points lead over them.(42-37)

With the Semi-finals spot on the line, NTU adjusted their 2-3 Zone defense to force TP to take a lower percentage shot to beat the shot clock buzzer.NTU came back and took the lead with a 8-0 run as TP continuously turnover the ball. TP tried to chase the lead but is too late. With late baskets and fouling NTU to line, TP has lost the spot in the Semi-Finals. NTU managed to put up a good fight and get through with a win to Semi-Finals


End Score 53-57  

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