NYSI Basketball: NUS storms into the semi-finals with a win over RP.

NUS convincing win to secure a semi-final spot.
via Merlissa Kee/Locker Room

“Will NUS come out strong to defend their home court and go through for a semi-final spot? Or will RP’s Lavin Raj (Singapore Slinger) make a stop with his team in NUS’s tournament journey?”

RP had a good start due to the lack of big man from NUS. RP’s #23 (Lavin Raj) was able to attract a double team to free up his teammates for open shots. Lavin Raj scored 8 points in the opening quarter. NUS can only answer back with a quick transition offense to get back into the game. RP’s #5 (Prem Haran) ends the quarter on a high note along with a 3 point shot. (10-19)


NUS’s #35 (Jovi Lim) sparkled a run with his 3 points shot, a 9-0 run in the first 3 minutes. RP was able to handle the pressure and make a couple of changes in the offense to stop the run. NUS ended the quarter with 2 consecutive 3 point baskets however, they were still down by 4 points. (29-33)


Quick 6 points from NUS allowed them to take the lead and force RP’s Coach to take a timeout to regroup his team. As both teams were trading baskets for baskets, NUS came out huge in this quarter. NUS’s #10 (Raymond Loo) poured in 8 points out of 24 points of the NUS team that was scored in this quarter. (53-52)


NUS is giving RP a tough time by their quick transition offense, hardly giving a slight breather for RP. NUS had a good 8-2 run within the first 3 minutes into the game. RP’s #5 (Prem Haran) had an and-1 basket which wasn’t enough to stop the bleeding. RP’s sloppiness in the defense caused their slot in the semi-finals. NUS had a convincing 21 point quarter and earned a spot in the semi-finals.


End Score 74-62.

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