NYSI Basketball: Once again NUS clinching their 2nd Championship

NUS defended their title against the Powerhouse SIM.
via Merlissa Kee/Locker Room

“Highly anticipated game between SIM and NUS! NUS with the help of an exchange student from France Arno Paulus Didier Ricou, can they bag a championship against the strong and aggressive SIM team led by their Captain Ng Kian Hao (Current Singapore Slingers)?”

It was a very thrilling 5 minutes of action as NUS managed to outscore SIM 12-2 as Kevin Han (NUS #2) nailed a 3 point shot to give NUS a double-digit lead. This forced SIM coach to call for a time-out to regroup and calm the team down. SIM did not play as well as they were expected due to the strong presence of the NUS defense, causing SIM to shoot a low percentage in field goals and commit several turnovers. Arno Paulus Didier Ricou stole an inbound pass during a play done by SIM and beat the buzzer at the end of the 1st Quarter (27-11).

Things started to look different when NUS got themselves into a scoring drought. Nothing seemed to be falling for them. On the other hand, SIM Captain Ng Kian Hao took this opportunity to eliminate the difference in points. Till some point in the game, SIM even took the lead, but not for long. NUS closed the 2nd Quarter with a putback tip-in by Johrathon Cheok. SIM scored a huge amount of 23 points in this quarter but it still was not enough to take the lead at the end. (36-34)

A very tight 3rd Quarter where teams were trading baskets for the first few minutes. NUS managed to extend the lead due to their teamwork and extra passes in their set plays to score easy baskets. SIM had no answer to their set play and committed lots of team fouls in the midst of defending. (57-49)

Into the 2nd minute of the last quarter, SIM #27 (Ng Kian Hao) picked up an unsportsmanlike foul on NUS #2 (Kevin Han) by stopping the fastbreak. SIM defense was having a breakdown due to miscommunication and bad rotation on defense. 

Eventually, NUS got a huge double-digit lead to finish off the game and win the championship. The End Score of the game was (79-65).

NUS clinched their 2nd consecutive NYSI IHL Basketball League Championship.

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