NYSI Basketball: SIT huge win over home team SUTD.

SIT to secure their first win in the league.
via Merlissa Kee/Locker Room

“Who will be victorious at the end? A newly formed SIT team but with experience players or Hardworking and Passionate SUTD team?”

SUTD won the tipoff but started off badly. SUTD has struggling to make shots despite having good ball movements and rotation. On the other hand, SIT was on a roll with their scoring touches and secure a 7-0 run before SUTD score their first basket on the freethrow line.Multiple possession by STUD were fouled on by SIT, SUTD converted 4 points from the foul line. But this could not stop the bleeding as SIT continue to make basket after basket and give themselves a comfort 6 points into 2nd quarter. (11-17)

STUD started strong as they hit a 3 points to cut the lead to just 3 points.SIT answered by scoring 2 consecutive baskets to pull away the lead. Both teams were not playing as well as they committed to bad passing and force shot in eager to make plays or score. SUTD defense was not good enough to stop SIT as they ending the quarter with a 13 points deficit. (18-31)

SIT increase their game tempo as 3rd quarter start, they forced SUTD to take bad shot and went for a few easy fastbreak baskets. SUTD was following the fast pace of SIT and made mistakes and some tough baskets. This wasn’t helping much as they could not reduce the lead to a single digit. (35-51)

With this lead in hand, SIT paced their momentum in both defensively and offensively to end the quarter. SUTD was running out of gas as they were having a difficulty time catching up the deficit to have a win. With this loss, they have yet to win a single game in this tournament.

End Score 46-67.

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