NYSI Basketball: SUSS eliminate ACS Oldham for a playoff spot.

SUSS narrowly edged out ACS Oldham by 2 points.
via Merlissa Kee/Locker Room

“Can an experience ACS Oldham team survive an elimination from a young and fairly new SUSS team? Who can outlast a battle of fitness to reach the finishing line?”

A very slow start for both teams as shots were not falling for them. ACS Oldham’s #4 (Norman Selvaraju) made his presence felt as he grabbed a few offensive rebounds and drew some fouls. Forcing SUSS to double team in the paint. SUSS got a slight advantage over ACS Oldham as they were pushing the game at a faster pace. It was a relatively low scoring quarter for both teams. (6-8)
SUSS’s #5 (Ang Kah Yong) ignited the scoring torch for his team. He scored a 3 point shot at the start of the quarter and created a few chances for his teammates to score as well. Despite the half-court pressure from SUSS, ACS Oldham handled it well with their experience and was able to slow down the pace. ACS Oldham’s #13 (Barney Ong) scored a crucial 3 point shot as time was winding down, this gave ACS Oldham a 2 point lead going into half time. (22-20)
SUSS was greatly affected by the referees as they were calling rather doubtful and arguable calls against them. As a result, the referee gave a technical foul to the SUSS bench. ACS Oldham took advantage of this situation and tried to gain a comfortable lead. However, SUSS’s captain #0 (Cheong Wei Liang) did not allow that to happen. In a nick of time, he scored a 3 point shot to cut the deficit to just 3 points. (30-27)
Things were all tied up at the half-way mark in the last quarter. SUSS scored the last 2 baskets to tie it up. ACS Oldham seemed to be out of gas by SUSS’s full-court pressure as they could not get back fast enough to stop SUSS. SUSS’s #23 (Lee Yeong Sheng) shot an open 3 point shot to tie the game at 34-34 with 2 minutes on the clock.
ACS Oldham’s #14 (Foo Ce Xian) scored an easy 2 points to give ACS Oldham the lead. SUSS was not backing down as they moved the ball quickly to find an open #5 (Ang Kah Yong) for a 3 point shot as he delivered some clutch points that SUSS needed to tie the game.
Less than 10 seconds on the clock, in the midst of a full-court press against ACS Oldham, SUSS came out with a steal by #7 (Sam). SUSS’s #7(Sam) drove in strong towards the basket and drew a foul with 2 free throws on the line. He scored both free throws and secured a win for SUSS.
End score (37-39)

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