NYSI Basketball Women’s: NTU cruises past TP for 2nd Championship.

NTU defended their 2 peat run against TP.
via Merlissa Kee/Locker Room

“With the championship on the line, will TP make changes to the lineup or defense strategies to contain NTU's heavy firepower? ”

NTU started off strong as #7 (Au Zi Yu) scored 3 points in the first opening possession. With precise passing and ball movement, TP had difficulties containing them with their zone defense. TP managed to get back on track and keep the score difference within 5 points. (13-8)
With a scoring drought on their side entering into the 3rd minute of the game, TP scored a 3 point shot to shift the momentum over to their side. Even though the momentum had shifted over, NTU came up with a strong defense. They were able to force TP into making bad passes and convert the turnovers into points and pull away with a big lead. (30-11)
Since then, TP had no answers to NTU’s brilliant offense. NTU’s selfless touches on the ball created scoring chances for open teammates. #7 (Au Zi Yu) contributed a few assists and hit 2 “3-points baskets” to pull the lead 31 points. (51-20)
TP had been struggling badly in both offense and defense. Based on their performance in the game, TP was good enough to settle down as 1st-Runner up in the league. Overall, NTU’s in-game experiences are much better than TP in terms of ball movement, passing, offense, and defense.

End score of the game was (60-34)
NTU cliched Champion in NYSI Women’s Basketball League.
TP Cliched 1st Runner-up in NYSI Women’s Basketball League.

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