NYSI Basketball Women’s: NUS Comes out on top with a 44-30 to secure 2nd Runner-up.

NUS had their sweet revenge over RP.
via Merlissa Kee/Locker Room

“Is RP's run and gun style going to put NUS's bronze medal on a jeopardy? Or will NUS change their mistakes from previous meeting to secure a win?”

Both teams started off very aggressively on defense, allowing only tough shots to be made. NUS’s ball movement was quick and RP had a tough time catching up to the players with open shots. However, RP’s motion offense seemed to be the key for their lead in the first quarter. RP ended the quarter with a 3 point shot by #11 (Chia Siu Wei). (10-14)
The situation in the 2nd quarter was different from the 1st quarter. NUS had turned the tide and forced RP to commit crucial turnovers. With this momentum shift, NUS scored 17 points in the quarter and managed to take a 3 point lead. (27-24)
Start of the 3rd quarter, NUS’s #10 was on a roll. She ended the 2nd quarter with a 3 point shot, and also started the quarter with a 3 point shot. RP did not seem to have a solution for NUS’s offense and defense. RP was having a scoring drought which brought the lead difference further reaching close to double digits. (38-29)
Since then, RP had been struggling big time in scoring. From missed passes to unwanted turnovers due to NUS’s strong presence in defense, RP managed to only score 1 point throughout that quarter. NUS cruised past RP in a double digit lead to end off the game with a win.

End Score (44-30)
NUS cliched 2nd-Runner Up in NYSI Women’s Basketball League.

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