Saigon Heat signs the powerhouse, Malcolm White, into their arsenal!

Malcom White might be the best fit for the big man due to their playstyle and teamwork.
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With the big man Malcolm White signing with Saigon Heat to replace Mike Bell, he adds up to be their eighth import player of the season.

The name “Malcolm White” is definitely not new to many of us as the big man has played two full seasons in the Philippines Basketball Association (PBA). The 31 year old big man’s skillset is definitely something that cannot be questioned as the big man already averaged an astounding 18.8 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 59.7 percent shooting in his very first ASEAN Basketball League (ABL). This just shows the big man has vast experience and a powerful impact in the game.

Previously, Malcolm White joined the Thai team as he replaced Chris Charles in the midst of the season. His impact in the game was able to carry the Vampires to a playoff spot even though they started from the last place in the league. He even brought the team up to compete for the “Finals” game as his team just fell short by a few points. This was like “deja vu” for the big man as he faced the same situation with Saigon Heat this time round. Just like how he turned around and carried his Thai team further up into the league, Saigon Heat and it’s fans are definitely hoping that he would be able to turn things around as Saigon Heat is currently last in the table.

The big man is able to do everything on the court from dominating the paint offensively with his aggression and physically imposing threats, to crashing the boards for rebounds and swatting away shots by making the opponents look foolish. His passion for the game and his energy will definitely uplift the team and allow the Saigon Heat to make a huge difference in this season.

Many even say Saigon Heat might be the best fit for the big man due to their playstyle and teamwork. Feeding the ball down low to Malcolm would just easily lead to points stacking up on the scoreboard. The team in general has a good team spirit and playstyle allowing the big man to lead them to victory in each game. Working around the big man would allow their shooters and guards to be easily open around the arch as Malcolm clearly attracts a lot of attention down low in the post leaving the guards wide open. This team will have a bright future in the upcoming season with their new addition!

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