Sheng Gong Cup 2019: SBA Close win over Novu Blaze.

Team SBA close shaved contest win over Team Novu Blaze to secure a spot in the finals.

“Who will end this contest with a win to secure a spot in the finals? Team SBA with Run and Gun Style or Team Novu Blaze with the fast pacing early offense?"

Novu Blaze started the game strongly after scoring right off the tip-off. They went on to score 4 consecutive baskets and had a 9-0 run in the early stages of the game. SBA had difficulties putting the ball in the basket after several missed shots. After 3 minutes into the first quarter, SBA #4 Christian stepped up and drove hard in the paint and finished off with a reverse lay-up to end the dry spell. SBA managed to cut the deficit to 5-points but it was short-lived. After several turnovers and missed shots by SBA, Novu Blaze managed to take advantage and they went on to a 15-0 run. SBA did not have an answer and were trailing 10-25 at the end of the first quarter.


Novu Blaze hit a 3 pointer to get the ball rolling in the second quarter. SBA were down 18 points and they knew they had to find a way to stop Novu Blaze immediately before the lead extends even further. None other than SBA’s #4 Christian took up the challenge and led his team to an 11-0 run singlehandedly. Despite their efforts to cut the deficit, SBA’s turnovers proved to be one of their biggest flaws as they fell short and were still trailing by double digits at the end of the half. (29-41)


After a team huddle during the break, SBA tighten up their defense and managed to convert their shots. They went on a 15-4 run and were trailing by just one point with 2 minutes 40 seconds left on the clock. SBA ended the quarter with a bang after converting an and-1 and took the lead for the first time. (50-48)


Novu Blaze’s defense was falling apart and SBA did not hesitate to punish them from behind the arc. The 2-3 zone defense by Novu Blaze was not working well as SBA were often open at the three-point line. Towards the end of the game, Novu Blaze were missing their lay-ups and shots and could not regain their confidence. SBA’s comeback secured them a spot in the Sheng Gong Cup 2019 Finals.


The final score was 71-63.

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