The NBA “BUBBLE” at DIsney World.


As many of us were anxiously waiting for the NBA to return, our wishes and hopes were fulfilled again as the NBA has finally decided to resume! However, due to the “Coronavirus”, the NBA has decided to resume the NBA but, they are taking several precautionary measures to ensure the safety and health of the players are taken care of.


The NBA is currently taking place at “DisneyWorld” in Orlando where all the players will be living there in isolation to ensure their safety and health is being monitored and taken care of. The 2020 NBA Bubble or Orlando Bubble is basically meant to be an isolation ground with many strict rules which have to be followed in order for the NBA to take care of the players well.


However, even though the NBA has resumed, several NBA players have opted out from playing the season as they feel there is still a high risk factor existent and that it could potentially affect them and their loved ones greatly.


This decision to resume the NBA has gotten many different reactions from fans, players and coaches. Several comments were made about how the players are basically living in a “prison cell” and are being locked away for several months away from their family members and loved ones. The routine of the NBA season would be rather, “mentally exhausting” for the players and coaches as they have to stick to the same routine everyday without being able to see the “outside world” for some time.


To ensure the safety of the coaches, workers and players are the main priority, the matches played are being split into different basketball courts where certain teams get to have their training sessions and matches. The protocols being done are very serious and cannot be taken lightly as these are “professional athletes” who are risking their health to ensure their teams play at their highest level possible.

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