Will LeBron James ever play alongside with Bronny in the NBA?

On the same court with Bronny in the NBA. That would be No. 1 in my lifetime as an NBA player, Lebron James.
Los Angeles Lakers’s superstar LeBron James had probably achieved everything an NBA player could ever dream of. In an interview in 2018 with UNINTERRUPTED, LeBron James said, “You want to ask me what is the greatest achievement of my life, if I’m on the same court as my son in the NBA. That would be No. 1 in my lifetime as an NBA player.” There is no doubt that would be his greatest achievement of his life. Just imagine playing on the same team as your son at the highest level.
 However, does Bronny have what is takes to play in the league?
At only 15 years of age, Bronny is listed at 1.88 m and 80 kg. He tried out other sports when he was younger such as soccer but he was definitely going to follow his father’s footsteps. Bronny became a basketball sensation as early as 10 years old. He had already shown flashes of greatness and played just like his dad. He had great awareness and was always looking to set up for his teammates. This is something not many kids his age would’ve done as they only wanted to score. Bronny even received offers from colleges at such a young age. That was something LeBron was not really pleased with. Just like any other dads, LeBron wanted his son to enjoy his childhood and not be stressed out with all these expectations at such a young age.
Bronny is currently a freshman at Sierra Canyon School in California and he would not be graduating high school until 2023. At that time, The King would be 39 years old and would be playing his 20th season in the NBA. In his freshman year, Bronny had an amazing game against his dad’s alma mater St. Vincent-St Mary High School where he led his team to victory with 15 points. This included a lay-up after a steal to put his team ahead in the dying minutes. He definitely has shown that he has the potential to take his game to the next level. With LeBron James as your mentor, what else do you need?
Now for the real question, can LeBron keep up with the demands of the league even when he is 39 years old? Well even till today, LeBron is still one of the best players and he is still dominating in the league. LeBron hopes that he would be able to play with Bronny one day. Looking at the way he’s playing this season, LeBron looks like he has enough gas to play another 3 seasons in the league while waiting for his son to make his debut in the NBA.
While many other superstars have been troubled with injuries throughout their careers, LeBron managed to maintain his high level of performance because of his methods of staying healthy (he spends about 1.5 million USD a year on his body). One great example was Dirk Nowitzki, who was still thriving in the league when he was 39. Also, Manu Ginobli and Vince Carter were still having pretty decent contributions despite playing when they were 40. With LeBron James’s work ethics and the way he takes care of his body, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he was still playing huge minutes at 39. If things go as planned, Bronny would be eligible for the NBA draft for the 2023-2024 season.
Time will tell whether or not we will be able to witness The King on court with his son. This is something everyone is looking forward to for sure. Seeing a father and son combo in the NBA is something you have never seen and LeBron could be the first dad in the NBA history to do so.

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