Wong Wei Long First ABL Championship With Knights

Wong Wei Long nailed a dagger shot!
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Wong Wei Long Relishes First Championship With Knights Faithful​

The final dagger struck with 50 seconds remaining in the game came from Wong Wei Long, a Singapore-native who had played eight seasons with the Slingers, after he nailed a booming three to give the BTN CLS Knights Indonesia an 82-79 lead.

“I knew the ball was going in the moment I released it,” gushed Wong, who was very animated after making the go-ahead basket, pumping his fists as he jumped in the air.

“Although I didn’t play that well in Finals series, when my coach called upon me, I’m always ready to hit those crucial shots when they need me.”


The 5-foot-9 point guard returned to the Finals for the first time since making back-to-back appearances with the Slingers between 2015-2017, before winning his first ever league championship.

He had previously taken a year off from his professional career to focus on business ventures, before shocking fans  as he officially signed to join the CLS Knights Indonesia for the 2018-19 ABL season.

Wong only scored six points in Game 5, with his other three coming in early in the game, but the gravity of his go-ahead basket cannot be understated as the Knights held on to win.

“It’s amazing, man. It’s an emotional night for me. My family is here. I wanted make that shot, you know. A lot of things flashed back – my mom, my dad, my wife, my brother, and my sister-in-law has always been supporting me. Especially both my parents and my wife coming to and from Singapore to Indonesia, they have always been supporting me from the regular season to the playoffs, to the finals, all seven months. It means a lot to me that I hit the shot.”

It took all 40 minutes for CLS to overcome the Singapore, who led for most of the game and still had a 10-point lead early in the final quarter.

Then came the spirited fightback from the Knights late in the game which several team members credited to the passionate Indonesian fans loudly cheering for them.

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