Zion Williamson, the next Superstar or a Bust?

Zion Williamson became the center of attraction at the 2019 NBA Draft.
After a spectacular freshman season with Duke, averaging 22.6 Points and 8.9 rebounds per game, Zion Williamson became the center of attraction at the 2019 NBA Draft. Zion was known for all his sledgehammer dunks and also his blocks at the defensive end.
Zion stands at 198 cm tall and he weighs around 129 kg, making him the second-heaviest player in the NBA – behind the free agent Boban Marjonovic who is 221 cm tall and weighs only 2kg heavier than Zion. Despite that, you would still see Zion executing his high-flying dunks and also see him sprinting up and down the court just like any other player.
Zion was often compared to current stars and NBA legends, but the NBA has never seen anything quite like him before. It is almost impossible to find a player who Zion is similar to the most. In terms of excitement, he is definitely on par with 6-time All-Star, Shawn Kemp, with their exhilarating dunks. However, Kemp was around 7 cm taller than Zion but weighs 20 kg lighter. When we are talking about a big man with lots of athleticism, Blake Griffin comes to mind. Both Blake and Zion were number 1 overall picks in the NBA draft. In Blake’s early years in the NBA, we saw him flying over his defenders and also all his breathtaking put-back dunks. Despite all these similarities to Zion, just like Kemp, Blake is much taller and weighs lighter than Zion. Blake was listed at 208 cm and 113kg.
Zion Williamson’s physical attributes can be compared to Larry Johnson. Listed at 198 cm and 113 kg, Larry Johnson had unbelievable athleticism and he became an All NBA player within his 2nd season. Just like Zion, Larry Johnson was the number 1 overall pick and all the hype was around him. However, Larry Johnson only lasted 10 seasons in the league. His efficiency and usefulness declined tremendously over the years as he lost the athleticism he had when was younger. This is definitely something Zion can learn from if he intends to stay long in the NBA.
Charles Barkley is another player that can be compared to Zion. The way both players move and defend are very similar. Apart from that, Zion potentially has the rebounding abilities of the Hall of Famer. Zion would be an unstoppable player if he developed into a player like Barkley, but with better athleticism, strength and size.
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Last but definitely not least, LeBron James. The only player who can match Zion Williamson in terms of the hype. These two players have completely different playing style. However, the hype train that never stopped with LeBron since he was in high school is very similar to the potential hype that Zion, the number one overall pick, has. At the same age, LeBron was way ahead of Zion in terms of his passing abilities. Zion and LeBron is the least comparable amongst the other four but in terms of hype, LeBron is the only player to compare.
Enough comparison, let’s take a look at Zion’s first season in the NBA. In the 19 games that he played, he averaged 29.7 minutes, 23.6 points, 6.8 rebounds, 2,2 assists and 0.5 blocks per game. These numbers are actually amazing despite the fact that he was ruled out for 6 to 8 weeks due to a torn right meniscus. On his return game after injury, Zion scored 22 points (8-11), 4 three-pointers, 7 rebounds and 3 assists in just 18 minutes on the court. This made him the first player in the NBA history to have 20+ points, 7+ rebounds and 4+ threes made in under 20 minutes of game time in any regular-season game. This is definitely one of the many records he would set in the NBA history. Make sure to keep your eyes on this rookie as he is a force to be reckoned with.

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